Fendi launches a new gorgeous digital platform

fendi platform

Roman luxury fashion house Fendi has launched the digital platform, ‘F is for…‘, created by and targeting millennials. Hoping to bring high-fashion to a younger generation the platform promises ‘authenticity’ and offers a different point-of-view. One that’s inclusive.

The content is separated using different ‘F’-lettered headings: Freaks, Fulgore, Freedom, Faces, and Fearless.

Freaks breaks down the platform’s manifesto, which states, “Please keep your hit-list of what you call “cool”, “kitche-y”, and “wacky” – they don’t belong to us.” The manifesto also mentions a distaste for the generalisations associated with millennials, “We’re not really as vapid, void filled and devoid of meaning as the research says. We deserve authenticity. We want quality. We want more than what’s offered. We want something that’s ours.”

Fulgore showcases Fendi collections. Aside from the effortlessly stylish clothes, what’s cool here is that all the fashion editorials were shot on an iphone 7.

Freedom lists the best global hangouts, from an eclectic vinyl store that transforms into a cosy cocktail bar to an art gallery that serves drinks.

Faces is set on becoming a hub for people who connect with the ‘F is for…’ criterion.

Fearless is an outlet to be filled with music, art, and culture, that will profile the best events worldwide. Here, artists can also request to perform on the rooftop of Fendi’s headquarters in Rome: the Palazzo dell Civilità Italiana.

Not everything will be online, there will be offline experiences to tie into the platform. A huge launch party for the platform, touting itself as the, ‘First-Ever Fashion Music TV-Show’ will happen in New York, on February 10. It promises to be an epic event with performances by Chinese singers Bohan Phoenix, Howie Lee, and Meuko! Meuko!, as well as South Korean star Jenny FTS alongside rapper Keith Ape, Miso, and Lil Uzi Vert.

It looks to us like the younger Fendi players have a lot to say, just like Fendi’s visionary Karl Lagerfeld, and we can’t wait to see more on ‘F is for…’

Photo Credit: F is for…