Wearing house slippers out of the house is trending in China

house slippers

As lazy as we may get with our dressing, we usually get away with a simple graphic tee delivering a witty punch line, some black skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers. But how does the idea of leaving home in a pair of house slippers sound? If this sounds like cuckoo-talk to you, you obviously haven’t heard of China’s latest shoe trend – wearing house slippers out of the house.

Claimed to have originated from Korean fashion (even though they look pretty similar to Céline’s furry slippers), China’s massive online shopping site Taobao offers an entire array of house slippers-inspired footwear such as furry loafers, feathery pointed shoes and even fuzzy shoes decorated with cute cat ears and glitter ribbons.

What’s most attractive about the footwear is the extreme comfort and warmth that the thick layers of soft, fluffy fleece can provide during winter. It must surely feel like treading on clouds and marshmallows! Taking its practicality into consideration, wearing house slippers out actually sounds like a great idea.

China has done it again and now, you know what to wear for dress-down Fridays.

Crystal Low

Photo Credits: Taobao