Bye-bye Snapchat: Fashion brands are already taking to Periscope

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A few days ago, American brand Coach announced it would use Periscope to live-stream its FW15 menswear show this Saturday in London, putting superstar blogger Bryanboy behind the phone. All the brands are already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat so why bother with yet another social media platform?

You may not even have heard of Periscope yet, but the new app bought by Twitter in March is counting more and more users everyday. The application allows the user to watch live-streaming videos from their phones from all around the world, accessible both on a map or on a list.

Snapchat meets Chatroulette?

The main differences with Snapchat (which boasts 100 million active users) and Periscope is that the latter is in real-time, and you can even send live text messages to the person who is streaming – allowing you to have an actual conversation. Why, you can even show them some love by sending adorable bubble hearts. Essentially, it’s similar to Chatroulette except it’s on your phone and you shouldn’t see any creepy naked guys standing in front of the camera.

But apart from the Backstreet Boys and a tonne of Turkish people, who exactly is using Periscope these days?

Burberry, a digital pioneer in the industry who already used to team up with Twitter for its shows, was the first one to use the app to live-stream their “London in Los Angeles” show last April. Versace tried as well but it was apparently not the most engaging stream of the year.

On the high-street level, British e-commerce site ASOS is already sharing with its followers the office life of its London and Sydney head quarters. Rather than using Periscope to oversell their products. ASOS is instead giving insights from its HQ by live-streaming meetings. This is something that theu are already doing with their fun stylists/bloggers teams through Instagram and Youtube.

Even brands such as Dior and Vuitton which aren’t known for being digitally active and only used Snapchat for the first time last month to stream their Cruise collections have already created their accounts but are not active yet. The same goes for Valentino, Proenza Schouler or Calvin Klein.

We cannot wait to see what ideas these brands will come up with to make the most of this new addictive app. In the meantime, check us out on Periscope @BeAsia!

Mathilde Thommeret

Photo credit: Burberry