Petite Picks: Skirts


To all you petite girls out there, we understand that it’s not always easy to find ready-to-wear pieces that fit and flatter your bodies. If you tend to shop at stores that cater to European and American shoppers, clothing items may not always fit properly and can sometimes be too oversized or long. Thankfully, high-street brands are increasingly launching petite lines to cater to the vertically-challenged. If your favourite store still hasn’t hopped onto the bandwagon, fret not, we’re always glad to help. For today’s petite picks, it’s all about the skirts.

Be it the miniskirt, midi skirt or maxi skirt, don’t let anyone tell you that petites cannot pull them off. It’s all about finding the right fit for your body type. There’s no perfect body type but understanding your body type will help you to determine your body assets so you know which part of your body you can choose to accentuate and look your best. Since petite girls are slightly disadvantaged in the height department, it’s also key to find items that help to give the illusion of height.

A general rule of thumb for petite girls is to avoid skirts that have too much detail on the hem, such a ruffled or frilly skirt. Such details may overwhelm a petite body frame, making one look bigger than they actually are. Another rule is to wear tops that are tucked in and more fitted, in order to give the body a more streamlined silhouette. The last and probably most important tip is wear heels or wedges. Because it’s almost impossible to have a sudden growth spurt, any pair of shoes that help to provide a boost in height are definitely our best friend… whatever would we do without them?

For more detailed tips and tricks, click through our gallery to find out how you can style your skirts!

Vanessa Ang