Lena Dunham directs fashion film for Rachel Antonoff and & Other Stories


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Who run the world? Girls. Who run the world? Girls.
Singing along with Beyoncè‘s top hit, it looks like girl power is slowly making its way up into the political scenes. In its most subtle way of showing their support for a madam president in 2016, designer Rachel Antonoff x & Other Stories created a capsule collection to cheer for the office. Go, America, go!

“I love the idea of a driven, smart girl running for an unknown office and created a collection around the different aspects of her day to day life on the trail.”, said Rachel Antonoff. The co-lab will be available from May 12th at & Other Stories stores and on stories.com.

Titled “Vote Audrey”, this four-minute short film is brilliantly crafted under the direction of Lena Dunham. The feminist voice of our modern generation took the liberty to reflect society’s stereotypical notions in a light hearted approach. Lead actress Zoe Kazan plays Audrey, an ambitious young lady who got brutally rejected when she was on her campaign trail. Instead of giving up her big presidential dream, she enters delightful fantasy. Upon her pledge to devote herself to The White House, she celebrated by dancing off in Bader-Ginsberg style with all her girl pals from the office. Look at their amazing outfits!

What are dreams without glitters and sparkles? “It’s my intention to speak to you about women, children and small animals.”

Photo credits: Courtesy of & Other Stories

Jacqueline Koh