Kenzo celebrates the revamp of its online website with visual surprises

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This season, Kenzo is shaking up the ‘jungle’ of fashion by incorporating unique and visually stimulating features into its newly revamped online website. Done with co-creative directors, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the revamp aims to provide consumers an ultimate virtual experience.

Channelling the sense of worldliness and travel, various conceptual stories were born. Paying tribute to Paris, photographer Charlie Engman made ‘Torn Paper’ into an interactive editorial. Overlapping motifs, the collaged-inspired photographs symbolise the ripped posters across the streets of Paris. Injecting a wanderlust spirit, former cinema set painter Lorenzo Vitturi even brought ‘Altair Beach’ to life, turning it into a super abstract beach scene.

In addition, Kim Boutin & David Broner will take us on an exploration of ‘Kenzo Island‘ – the interactive cyber isle is a spin-off from Kenzo’s Spring/ Summer 2015 campaign by Toiletpaper.

Being the fashion house that’s known for its vivid graphic prints, the latest transformation of the e-commerce architect is relevant and necessary. The unique rigour will allow the platform of in-house designs to cater to its 710,000 Facebook fans and 960,000 Instagram followers.

Jacqueline Koh

Photo credit: Kenzo