5 things to know about the Indian model Bhumika Arora


Lack of diversity in the fashion industry is often criticised: How often do we see beautiful black-skinned beauties on the runway?

The lack of Indian models in the industry is also an issue. However, the fashion industry is exhalted that some big names havedecided to sign model Bhumika Arora. The ambitious model is not just a symbol: she wants to shake things up: “I honestly don’t know the exact reason—it could be a number of factors, but I hope that I can work hard and become part of a movement that keeps fashion as international as possible.” she declared to fashion magazine Style.com.

After about 20 shows in the last fashion month, Arora doesn’t have to feel bad next to Kendall or Cara. From New York to Paris through London and Milan, she captured the hearts of designers with her feminine allure and exotic beauty. She could possibly be gracing the cover of your favorite magazine soon, but before that happens, here are 5 things you should know about her.

Clemence Sigu

Photo credit: SIPA