Big Mac lovers: McDonald’s launches a clothing line!


Burger addicts round the world, rejoice!

McDonald’s has taken the fast food trend to another level – the synonymous golden arches are now available for wear (and some tear) in the form of the brand’s very first clothing and accessories collection that was just launched in Sweden.

Burgers have been inching their way into our daily diets, and now, it seems that it’ll be moving into our closets as well. This junk food trend is mostly inspired by Jeremy Scott, Moschino’s creative director who used the famous restaurant chain iconic yellow M and also incorporated French fries into his designs. However, the American stylist isn’t involved this time round; McDonald’s itself is managing this new clothing line that celebrates their beloved burger.

Launched on the 24th of March in Sweden, the line includes apparel such as sweaters, leggings, hunter boots, and rain jackets, and even covers interior design with items such as duvet covers and wallpapers.

Alas, it’s lacking in one much-loved local aspect – we don’t seen any items featuring our cherished garlic chili sauce, or even that curry sauce.

Still, we’re lovin’it.


Laurine Antoniol

Photo credit: McDonald’s