Curtain Call: Marc by Marc Jacobs is shutting down



After 14 successful years, the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand will soon be no more, signaling the end of shopping for Marc Jacobs designs that come with a 3 digit price point.

According to fashion industry magazine, WWD, Marc Jacobs’ diffusion line will soon cease operations or perhaps merge with the designer’s main collection.

The American designer did not decide on a whim though as the idea was apparently on his mind ever since he left Louis Vuitton in 2013. Designed by creative duo Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, Marc by Marc Jacobs was seemingly heading in a direction that was too different from the aesthetics in main Marc Jacobs line.

Jacobs explained to WWD that he had “absolutely enjoyed the last few seasons of the Marc by Marc Jacobs’ young, cool, hip shows,” but added “it just feels like we aren’t doing that job by showing two different collections with two different messages”. The designer did not comment about the position of the 2 creative directors.

So what has got us feeling concerned? Well, it was one of the only lines with a street-inspired flair. But if all goes accordingly to words that have been said, the diffusion line’s product range and price points will assimilate into the Marc Jacobs collection. Does that mean the line will stay affordable?

We’ll just have to wait out the disappointment and see!

Pauline Arnal