New York Fashion Week 2015: Victoria Beckham’s show was a family affair


David beckham and Anna Wintour at Victoria Beckham Fashion Show, New York women fashion week, winter 2015 - 2016


While the undeniable performer-at-heart, Kanye West greeted the fashion industry with yet another display of his unparalleled spirit, this fashion show started on a different track altogether. The day began with a sweet and comforting note that said, “Good luck with the show mummy, signed Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Harper”. And that was probably what gave Posh Spice the confidence to stride self-assuredly as she arrived early for her Fall/ Winter 2015 Ready to Wear show.

If there was one word to define the collection, that would be comforting too. While last season saw her parading boxy military-styled silhouettes, this season she re-injected her signature touch of sensuality to her designs. Chic, sleek, and minimalistic, her collection boasted of layers that melded into a delightful ensemble. While dresses with hidden zips accentuated the womanly silhouette, coats and jackets on the other hand armoured the body against the bitter cold, with shoulders extending to stand-up collars, and storm flaps buttoned at the back. Chunky navy blue sweaters were paired with flowing mustard coloured pants, evocative of both comfort yet lightness. But what probably best encapsulated the collection was her opening number, a deep V-neck with a gather of fabric at one hip – resonant of the deep beat of edgy style that the rest of her collection marches to.

It is not surprising that with such a spectacular collection from one of fashion’s most important icons, the Beckham family would be present front row and centre for the show. Patiently extending their support for their mom were Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, while three year-old Harper was perched on her favourite spot – daddy, David Beckham’s lap, right beside Anna Wintour. What can we say, everything about this set up perfect – from the chic style taken after her own wardrobe, to the importance of family that has provided unwavering support for her throughout her seasons. It is no wonder the Beckhams are the most idolised clan in today’s ever changing world.

Elizabeth Tan

Photo credit: SIPA