New York Fashion Week 2015: Kanye West launches Kanye x Adidas Originals collection


adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1

If you think his spectacular performance during the Grammys was over, you’re wrong. Kanye West again proved he does have a knack for the spectacle, as he launched his fashion show, Kanye x Adidas Originals during this year’s New York Fashion Week.

And what a performance it was, as he gathered together an eclectic blend of differently-sized models from diverse backgrounds. Apparently runway conventions don’t apply to Kanye, which wasn’t surprising when during the show he voiced over saying “I’m here to crack the pavement and make new ground. There’s a lack of creativity in every field…people are afraid to create. I want people to think awesome is possible.”

Everyone who was anyone gathered together to witness how awesome was possible. From Anna Wintour, to Justin Bieber, Alexander Wang and Rihanna, the diverse crowd matched the diverse group of models in a fortuitous act of divinity. While the clothes itself did not really scream “ground-breaking” as Kanye promised, we loved that he played around with nudes that look both versatile and comfortably wearable – perhaps he was inspired by the cold in recent months? And trust Kanye to never miss a touch of practicality as he threw in some heavy-weight backpacks, taking unconventionality in fashion to another level.

And with that, Kanye ended his fashion show with a bang. For as little a filter he possibly has between his mind and his mouth, he does still have the loving support of both family and the establishment. With Kylie Jenner “standing” for him, and Beyonce and Kim in the front row – who had to leave the room as little North was crying – we would say Kanye, all of the lights are indeed shining on you.


Elizabeth Tan