Eastpak x Jean Paul Gaultier: A fashion collab for Designers Against AIDS



For the fourth time now, the American brand, Eastpak has created a capsule collection supporting Designers against Aids. This time though they have Jean Paul Gaultier on the reins!


It all started with the design of one backpack… but seeing how creativity yields creativity, the french designer agreed to create a complete fashion collection. To be precise, the enfant terrible of the fashion industry has now designed a capsule line that includes a Limited Edition collection alongside a main collection.


Regarding this collaboration, the designer of the legendary Parisian house said: “Looking at the heritage of Eastpak, the inspiration for the collection has imposed itself quite naturally. The ‘Limited Edition’ collection evokes Eastpak’s military heritage, and its laced corsets play a vital role in Jean Paul Gaultier’s history. In the main collection, Eastpak’s urban heritage is represented by a bomber jacket and a denim jacket, iconic pieces that Jean Paul Gaultier reinterpreted many times in its collections.”


The collection includes 7 backpacks, 3 of which will be produced as a limited edition piece – only 125 pink and brown Pilot will be released, while the leather one will be produced in 250 pieces. All the backpacks have Breton stripes topstitching on their back, a signature trademark of Jean Paul Gaultier’s creations. So with these backpacks in tow, you’re not just sporting a preppy look but a definitively cool one too!


The backpacks will be available from February 1st and profits will be donated to charity (of course!).



Pauline Arnal