Brendan Jordan, the Internet-famous teenager in American Apparel’s new campaign


Why is Brendan Jordan creating so much buzz? Because he is the new face of American Apparel’s campaign in which he is wearing…a skirt.

American Apparel is no stranger to controversy but this time it’s the company new muse who got everybody talking. Who did they choose? Brendan Jordan, a 15 years old mega fan of Lady gaga who is creating so much buzz on Youtube and Twitter due to his androgynous look and highly entertaining videos.

American Apparel likes his positions and engagement with the LBGTQ community which explains this controversial campaign.

Brendan Jordan is already an Internet sensation and this campaign will add more fans to his exciting 37000 followers.

However, after the “Period Power” polemic(T-shirt with a drawing of menstruating and masturbating vagina!) this new campaign doesn’t seem as scandalous. What do you think?