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Prevent Underarm Rashes: Natural Deodorants Are The Secret


Underarm rashes in humid Asian climates are quite common. The sweat and heat can cause skin itchiness and rashes, but it is even worse for those of us with sensitive skin. If you find yourself suffering from this embarrassing issue, this natural deodorant brand – Jomingo, might just be the solution for you.

After a trip to Cuba, Jomingo’s Founder, Jun Tan, suffered from underarm rashes. Her store-bought deodorants only seemed to make them worse. That is how her journey to creating the perfect all-natural deodorants started. Now you must be thinking why am I advocating for natural deodorants after I tried making a DIY natural-deodorant and it failed miserably. Here is why we think Jomingo seems great to prevent underarm rashes and you should give them a go instead of trying to DIY them at home.

Made With Asian Ingredients For Underarm Rashes That Happen In Tropical Climates

Jun Tan is very particular about the ingredients and the quantity she uses in her products. We can’t get that at home by simply DIY-ing. She sources premium ingredients from countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia and studies each of them carefully to ensure they are not toxic in any way, especially for those who have sensitive skin like hers and need to prevent underarm rashes.

Some of the important ingredients that she uses in her natural deodorants are:
Baking soda – They have healing and exfoliating properties
Candelilla wax – Rich in nutrients and easily gets absorbed into the skin
Cocoa Butter and Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil – Hydrates the skin intensely for upto 24 hours
Litsea – Essential Oil that has antibacterial properties

If this is not enough, her packaging is also made to be biodegradable. So if you are someone who is into sustainability and are finding ways to switch your everyday products to natural ones, then you might want to give Jomingo deodorants a go.

Do You Have To Make The Switch To Natural Deodorants? Is It Worth It?

On Try and Review, we have a lot of good quality drugstore deodorants reviewed and loved by our members. However, if you have sensitive skin, then it is worth checking out more natural deodorant options like Jomingo. They are good for the environment, safe and healthy for your skin, have super cute packaging that you would love to show off on your dressing table and all at an affordable price. What is not there to like about this?

Let us know if you tried this product out!

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