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HomeCommunityUnboxing The Try and Review Christmas Box!

Unboxing The Try and Review Christmas Box!


Most of you may know that in December, we came up with the exciting Christmas Box to give back to our loyal and passionate members: Top Reviewers Tribe. Our team curated some awesome skincare items for the months’ box as we wanted you guys to pamper yourself during the holiday season.

Amongst 3000 applicants from Singapore and the Philippines. As this box was intended to reward our passionate reviewers, we chose 100 lucky winners from each country to receive the Christmas box based on the number of reviews they have shared with us and of course, the quality of their reviews.

So don’t get disheartened if you didn’t receive a box this time. Continue to support us by sharing more reviews and applying for our future boxes which will only keep on getting more exciting!

Are you curious to know what was inside the Christmas box this year? Let’s Unbox!

Picture by @enitsuj_jam

This month’s Christmas box included each of the following – Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo, Love Beauty and Planet Conditioner, Love Beauty and Planet Body Wash and a Yankee Candle. Each tester received any one of the Love Beauty and Planet products (Shampoo, Conditioner or a Body Wash) along with a Yankee candle. So each winner got the chance to try two products from us.

Let’s see how our members felt after using each of the products.

Member @graceherrera really liked the packaging, design and ease of usability of the Love Beauty and Planet shampoo. One of the features of the shampoo that stood out to her the most was the fragrance of the “coconut and flower” that lasted long. As she mentions “after I rinse my hair the smell is still there and I really like it.



Moreover, another member @summergrey09 mentions that the shampoo “leaves shine” to her hair.







After trying the Love Beauty and Planet Conditioner, member @enitsuj_jam fell in love with the product. What stood out for @enitsuj_jam was that the conditioner did not contain any “silicones, parabens or even dyes” and it was “organic”. She supported the brand for its contribution to the betterment of the Earth.



The refreshing aroma of the Yankee candle made member @enitsuj_jam fascinated about the product. She “could smell the aroma” even before opening the box! Member @enitsuj_jam felt very grateful to us for receiving the box.

We were filled with gratitude with the success of the Christmas Box of 2019. Your excitement to receive products and share your honest reviews have inspired us to work harder to bring you many more fun boxes in the future that will be filled with more such awesome goodies! Keep showering us with your support and reviews you may just be the lucky one next time! Cheers!


Try and Review Member priscilla.dela-rosa and her Surf products

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