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HomeTrendingYou Won’t Believe How Expensive These Everyday Products Are

You Won’t Believe How Expensive These Everyday Products Are


What if you woke up one morning and found out that you have won a billion dollars in the lottery? What could you possibly buy with all that money? From a 4.5 billion worth Supreme yacht to a 70 million dollar Ferrari, money can buy you the most expensive things in the world.

Spending on rare, limited edition collectables might make sense if you can afford it. However, would you spend a million-dollar on toilet paper?

You might cough a little after knowing the price of the most expensive household items on our list.

1. Instant noodles

harrods pot noodleWho knew a pot of instant noodles could be as much as $43? No, it doesn’t come with a full course menu, but we wish it did for that price tag.

Harrods Posh Pot Noodle comes in a gold-leafed pot along with a fork and table linen. The best part about this instant noodle is that all the proceeds go to charity.



2. Face Cream

Creme de la mer

Expensive skincare and beauty products have always been there. But how expensive can it get?

Meet ‘Creme De La Mer’ worth 20,000 dollars. The packaging is made of rarest pearls and precious gemstones. Would you think of spending a fortune on a moisturizer?


3. Gold Toilet Paper

gold toilet paperTired of using those plain and boring toilet papers to clean up? Why use paper when you can flush down gold!

Toilet Paper Man has created the Gold Toilet Paper worth 1.3 million dollars per roll. Yes, you read that right. It costs to wipe off.





4. Clothespin


A sterling silver clothespin can hold your clothes better when you hang them to dry. Or at least that could be a reason to spend 515 dollars on a clothespin!

Created by Tiffany & Co., the intended purpose of this clothespin is to display photos and mementoes. Not a bad way of showing off.


5. Fountain Pen

diamond pen

Ever wondered what would it be like to write with a million-dollar worth pen?

The Aurora Diamante is known to be the world’s most expensive fountain pen made with luxurious diamonds and gold. It’s more of a piece of displayable jewellery than a pen. What an extravagant way to write!


6. Ice Spheres

ice spheres

Believe us when we tell you that ice is really expensive. Nope, not your regular ice cubes, but the ones that are sphere-shaped.

Glace Luxury Ice sells ice spheres that are worth 325 dollars for a pack. Here’s a toast to drinks filled with ice spheres!




7. Gold Plated Staples

gold staple pins

Showing off how rich you are is not limited to flashy cars and jewellery. You can splurge on the most little things as well.

And by that, we mean using 18 Karat gold staples worth 65 dollars to staple your papers (or even clothes).




It’s not just a big, but also an expensive world to live in. All this ridiculously expensive version of everyday products may make you wonder who actually spends on them. But if you wish to make the splurge, then go ahead!


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