6 Tips To Writing A Helpful Review

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Your opinions are very valuable to the Try and Review community. However, we understand that sometimes putting your thoughts into words may not be easy for everyone. This article will provide you with tips and prompts to help you structure your reviews effectively, and in return, increase your chances of being chosen as a tester to try free products. Learn how writing quality reviews can also help you qualify for a Top Reviewer Box!

1) How is the product relevant to you?

What prompted you to try the product? Perhaps there was a problem that you wanted to solve or maybe you were just genuinely curious about it. Mention why you wanted to try that product so that readers will be curious to continue reading and find out whether the product was what you expected it to be.

2) Mention the features that caught your attention

Now that you have tried the product, certain features would have stood out to you. Was it the texture, durability, taste, or maybe even the packaging? Tell our members what part of the product surprised you. Share the details of what you enjoyed or did not enjoy. You can even mention the benefits it may have had on you.

3) Have a balanced, objective review

Including both the pros and cons about your product experience will increase the credibility and value of your review. Not only will it prove that you put in a lot of thoughts, it will also give readers fair and impartial insight. Even if you absolutely loved the product, maybe there was one small detail that you wish could have been different. This could be the price point, style of packaging, scent, accessibility, etc… Similarly, if you disliked the product, maybe there still was one thing that you enjoyed. Highlighting both sides of the product is a vital building block for a genuine review and will help buyers like you make more informed buying decisions.

4) Compare and contrast

If you have used similar products in the past, mention what you found similar or different between them. Comparing your past experiences supports your review with additional useful context.

5) Proofread

After putting your thoughts into writing, take a moment to double check if you have conveyed your product experience as accurately as possible. Read your review and ensure that your sentences are well-structured with little to no errors. Doing this will ensure your review is clean, professional and well thought-out.

6) Add photos

What better way to validate your review than by showing people the result of the product you tried. If the product that you tried had visible effects, do not be shy to snap a picture and upload it. That way, our members can see that what you say is true. In addition, it will give them a better idea of what to expect if they were to use the product as well. You can even add these pictures on your own Instagram feed along with your reviews to keep your instagram fresh with different content. Do check out our summarized version of all the tips here and start writing your reviews now! You can also apply these tips to increase your chances of becoming a winner for the 2020 Try and Review Awards. If you have any other tips that you would like to share with the community, please drop them in the comments below and the best tip will be featured on our next post.