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Nail that karaoke session in 4 steps!

Always shied away from the microphone at karaoke sessions because you “couldn’t sing”? Here’s 4 tips to help you improve your singing and nail that karaoke session!

If you always wanted to pick up a new skill, we have just the thing for you! Over the last month on our IGTV, we ran our very own Rendezvous – a collaboration with three different members of our community to provide you with skills that you can pick up easily at home. One of which is Headteacher TJ Taylor from Sing’Theatre who shared with us some easy tips to improve your singing and nail that karaoke session the next time you’re out with your friends!

Lesson 1: Breathing Exercises

Breathing is the basics of singing! Learning how to breathe and translating it into singing will help you sing better immediately! TJ teaches you how to control your breathing through simple exercises to improve your singing!


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Lesson 2: Improve your High notes

In the second lesson, TJ tackles the ever-feared high notes! The main tip he gives is to not fear them and just try them out! He wants you to play around with your voice, and not fear the notes. Follow along with his simple exercises and you’re sure to have more confidence the next time you encounter a high note when you’re in a karaoke!


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Lesson 3: Pitching to Sing in Tune

Pitching is the focus of the third lesson, which is how high or low your voice is! Unlike popular belief, there are very few people that are actually tone-deaf! TJ believes that pitching is more about listening to the music, than actually singing. He encourages you to listen more, and sing along to the music to improve your singing! Finally, he provides some pitching exercises that you can use to easily improve your pitching skills, all with a piano app!


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Lesson 4: Vocal warm up before Singing Session

Finally, TJ closes off the month with how to warm up your vocals before any singing session! With a quick 5-minute vocal warm up, he walks you through getting your vocal chords ready to kick-off your karaoke sessions! Simply follow TJ through the video, and you’ll be sure to sing for hours without hurting your vocal chords!

Through these exercises, TJ promises that you can become better! Do not be afraid to try, keep singing and practicing these exercises, you are sure to hear a difference! We hope that you are now more confident in your voice than ever. Improve your singing and nail that karaoke session with these simple lessons at home now! Let us know in the replies if it helped!

Sing’Theatre is a non-profit professional theatre company. They aim to use musical theatre as a creative platform to inspire and shape the future, focusing on tackling social issues through their shows, making music and theatre available to all through community outreach and empowering youths and the community through their passion and training in their academy.

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