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Our Favourite Pictures Sent To Us By YOU!


Hello, our loyal Try and Review Members!

This post has been published because of YOU! You guys have been doing a fantastic job, providing your honest reviews on various products. But some of you have gone the extra mile to share your creative pictures too. We, at Try & Review, would like to feature some of our favourite pictures in this post.

1. Product: Nivea Rose Micellar Water With Oil

Username: @YvvoneYee


What we like: We love how our user shows us her pink favourites and lets us have a glimpse into her everyday makeup routine.

2. Product: Weis Mango & Ice Cream Bar

Username: @daphne.teo5ce764f77c153


What we like: We love how vintage and summery this picture looks. Takes us right back to our childhood when we went to the playground on a bright summer day and had an ice popsicle to cool ourselves. Our user deserves a Mango Bar for taking us down the memory lane. Cheers!

3.Product: Handaiyan Highlighter

Username: @Chintami


What we like: We love the romantic theme of this picture. The soft sheets, rose petals and the touch of the red bow make us want to get ready in our best dress and head out for a romantic night out with a glass of fancy champagne.

4. Product: Silky Soft Honey Powder

Username: @piixie07


What we like: We love the simplicity of this picture and how it shows us everything about the product – the packaging, product and the little puff it comes with.

5. Product: Love Beauty And Planet Body Wash

Username: @Evieteo

love beauty and planet body wash

What we like: The green and floral background summarize what the body wash is all about. We also love how the background and the packaging of the bottle match so well.

Thanks to all of you who have shared your pictures with us. We love seeing you guys have fun with your products and being so creative.

If you want to be featured on our next post and also have a higher chance of winning our 2020 Try and Review awards, check out how you can take good pictures to send along with your reviews.


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