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Damaged Hair Remedy with Moist Diane’s Botanical Range!

If you have damaged hair, Moist Diane’s botanical range can just be the perfect remedy for you! Formulated with plant extracts to help hydrate your hair, this range will help your damaged hair feel healthy again!

You’ve probably heard of the brand Moist Diane if you love Japanese personal care products, and how great their shampoos are for many. But what’s so special about this botanical range, is that it is formulated to not just be moisturising for your hair, but also your skin! If you’re intrigued already, keep reading to discover why the Moist Diane Botanical Range is the perfect damaged hair remedy to stop hair breakage!

No Additives to Nourish Damaged Hair

Many shampoos these days are starting to be formulated without silicone, but Moist Diane goes an extra step by removing 7 additives that might be damaging to your hair and skin in the long run. Free of sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, ethanol, petroleum based surfactants, synthetic dye and animal derived ingredients (except honey and microbial-derived properties), you can be sure that your damaged hair will be properly moisturised without causing any damage in the long run!

And, without all these chemicals, Moist Diane boasts of the product to be baby-safe as well!

10 Organic Botanical Extracts to Repair Damaged Hair

Formulated with 10 organic botanical extracts, these will help nourish and calm your damaged hair and skin. The 10 extracts are: Lavender, Blessed Thistle, Sage, Wormwood, Calendula, Chamomile, Althea, Damask Rose, Thyme and Rosemary. Of which, calendula and chamomile are often used to calm and soothe the skin, while replenishing moisture so you can be sure that this product will keep your damaged hair smooth and healthy and your skin feeling fresh as well! Not to mention the glorious scents from these extracts to make your shampoo feel like a spa!

Why the emphasis on being good for the skin too?

As your hands are in contact with the shampoo and conditioner, Moist Diane’s formulation aims to keep your skin feeling freshly conditioned as well! Pampering not only your damaged hair but also the skin that is in contact with the foam, Moist Diane’s botanical range provides an all-around product to leave you feeling fresh and pampered!

This range comes in 5 scents and formulations: Deep Moist, Refresh & Moist, Botanical Moist, Damage Repair, Botanical Moist Relax. You can be sure to pick the perfect bottle for your damaged hair remedy in stores right now!

Have you tried this product before? Let us know in the comments below or on our website!

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