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HomeCommunity5 Best Netflix Series: Reality Shows Edition

5 Best Netflix Series: Reality Shows Edition


If you want to know what are some of the best Netflix series for reality dramas – you have come to the right person. I love watching reality shows especially the ones that are juicy and full of drama. In the past 2 months, I have binged on so many reality shows that it was only fair for me to share some of my absolute favourite ones with you.

We love finding new Netflix shows for you to watch every month. So If you are a reality show junkie like I am and you need some new shows to binge during your weekend, then these are my top 5 best Netflix series for reality dramas.

Netflix Reality Series #5: Skin Decisions: Before And After

skin decisions reality series

Rating: 3/5

What it’s about:
A Netflix original reality show about plastic surgeries and aesthetic treatments by a plastic surgeon, Dr Nazarian and skincare and beauty aesthetician, Nurse Jamie. Their goal is to give their clients the best treatments possible with or without surgeries. The clients that come in the show bring the doctors many challenges.

At first, I was skeptical about this show because I thought “what is so interesting about someone coming in and wanting a boob job?” But I was so wrong. That is not even what the show is about.

The clients that come in have problems way bigger than we can imagine. You will be shocked by some of their stories. They need these cosmetic surgeries to help them move past a traumatic event in their life and gain confidence. We tend to think that plastic surgeries are pointless. However, this show will teach you that cosmetic surgeries can play a huge part in boosting someone’s confidence and help them move on in life.

This ranks at number 5 for me because I feel the structure is repetitive and some clients are not very interesting to watch. There is also not much drama involved, but it was still an eye-opening show to watch and I enjoy watching medical-related series.

Netflix Reality Series #4 Cheapest Weddings

cheapest weddings netflix

Rating: 3.5/5

What it’s about:
An Australian Reality show that follows different couples who have set a very low budget for their wedding. By the end of each episode, you can see the final wedding and whether they were a hit or a miss.

I love wedding-related reality shows but this one especially caught my attention because they were meant to be low budget. I just had to see how that works out.

This show was a good mix of drama and sweet moments. Low-budget weddings are stressful because you are probably doing everything yourself. While some couples were always on the same page and went with the flow, some couples disagreed and fought amidst all the stress. Some couples got more than what they bargained for with a very successful low-budget wedding while some weddings failed miserably.

This is a number 4 on the list because like the previous one, some couples are more interesting to watch while some are a little boring. But there is definitely some good amount of drama that you can witness in this series. And the icing on the cake is the hilarious commentator that roasts all the couples in the show.

Netflix Reality Series #3: Love Is Blind

Netflix love is blind

Rating: 4/5

What It’s about:
This reality series is an experiment to see whether love is truly blind or is physical attraction actually important? Contestants have 1 week to date each other blindly (sitting behind walls) and to propose to each other if they have a connection. Once they agree to get engaged, they are allowed to see each other and how they look like and then they are off for a holiday in Mexico to see whether they are compatible physically.

This reality series makes it in the top 3 for me because of its bizarre concept. Let’s be honest, it’s really difficult to find “the one” in 1 week without even knowing what they look like. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you who made it and who did not but be ready for a lot of drama as people make decisions without thinking and then they have to live with the consequences. However, not everything is negative about the show. Through this crazy concept, the show touches on the importance of communication, loyalty, and compromises in a relationship which I appreciated.

If you like reality series based on love, you might want to check out, Too Hot To Handle as well which we reviewed previously.

Netflix Reality Series #2: Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real housewives of beverly hills reality show

Rating: 4.5/5

What it’s about:
This series follows the everyday life of extremely wealthy married women living in the Beverly Hills in America. Watch them navigate through relationship, friendship, self-esteem issues, and how all the money in the world may not be the answer to their problems.

This show is 2nd on the list for me because of the intense drama and the different storylines that always keeps you glued to your screen. It never gets boring. Apart from that, I really enjoyed the bond between all the women. They fight like cats and dogs, make fun of each other but they also have each other’s back and do not judge anyone’s personal problems. It is also just interesting to see them spend large amounts of money so casually. For instance, spending USD $60k on a kid’s birthday party and buying barbie diamond necklaces as birthday favours. Yeap! You read that right and that is just the tip of the iceberg. These housewives are addicted to the life of luxury and showing off and they will do anything to maintain that.

Netflix Reality Series #1: Selling Sunsets

netflix selling sunset

Rating: 5/5

What it’s about:
This reality show is about a real estate company called Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles and their 6 extremely hot and smart agents. These women are highly independent and competitive and won’t let anything get into their way of making money. The show also follows their personal life as they deal with challenges that come with being a working woman and maintaining work relationships with friendships.

The reason this Netflix series stands at the top for me is because of its independent female cast. I love shows that are about hustling and even more when it’s about women who work hard to get what they want. But the show also deals with their life outside of work which makes it even more interesting to watch as things get complicated outside work. But they have to be professional about it because they have to see each other every day. I think it is obvious that the level of drama in this series is high considering its an all-female cast competing to be at the top.

Apart from that, you will also love how stylish the girls look and by the end of the show, you might feel like changing your job to that of a real estate agent as well.

And that is my top 5 best netflix series based on reality dramas. Let me know in the comments below if you watched any of them and how you found them. If shows are not for you, do check out our recommendation for 7 Netflix Movies you should watch if you have not.

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