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Our Members Can’t Stop Eating These Popular Snacks!


With the kitchen so near us, food is readily accessible to us throughout the day. Hence why we were curious to what are some popular snacks our members couldn’t stop eating, and here they are!

How has social distancing been to you? Have the long hours being at home prompted you to reach for snacks every now and then? We have asked our Try and Review members this question, and the verdict is… Most of us have been opening our fridges at least 9 times daily, so don’t worry if you are guilty of doing so! There is nothing better than eating to combat the extended period of time at home. Here are some of the most popular snacks our members’ have voted for!

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Sweet treats as a mid-day snack!

Many of our Try and Review members have been giving in to their guilty pleasures. Popular snacks reflected by our members are chips, and sweet treats coming in a close second. This is an interesting turn of events as sweet treats rank just 2% higher than salted treats amongst our Try and Review community! One of our members, @naaa.abd, personally enjoys snacking on cake and biscuits even though she always mentions that she “wanna lose weight”. And that is totally fine! In a particular situation like this, we have to let loose and enjoy whatever we want to. Dieting is for tomorrow! ????Give in to your guilty pleasures like @yussssd, who feels that cinnamon rolls are a “fully loaded” sweet and happiness-filled snack.

Healthy snacks for the calorie-counters!

However, if you are calorie conscious, do not fret because there are many healthy and low calorie options for you! A popular snack for everyone, health conscious or not, is definitely popcorn! Our member, @blueming.days has it as her go-to snack, as it is low in calories (just 30 calories per cup!) and most importantly, “healthy and cheap”. Of course, that is if it is not drizzled in sauces, but feel free to do so too! We won’t tell your trainer, promise. ????If popcorn is a hassle to make yourself, @filsmi suggests granola, another popular snack that is “healthy and will not make [you] fat”, as an option. Eat it alone or make a beautiful bowl of acai with it!

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Whether you are consciously picking healthy snacks or giving in to snacking on your guilty pleasures, remember to always enjoy what you are eating! With all the uncertainty surrounding us this trying time, give yourself a break and take in some happiness in the form of food! As long as you keep everything in moderation, it will not damage your waist too much. So snack on, and have a great social distancing!

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Members @Shewan, @Silky girl, @benciatan, @tanentyong

Check out some popular snacks our T&R members recommend

ainsyazamira00 3

" When the worlds of chocolate and hazelnut collide, you get this delicious spread that tastes almost heavenly! Not saying that I'm totally obsessed with this, but it's pretty much the only thing I would have on a white slice of bread. As a person with a major sweet tooth, I would say that the sweetness and thickness of the spread is just right"
- ohfeeleeya


"Dunk it in milk or smoothie or add to a cake. It is a kitchen pantry must have. You can do so much recipes with it and I just enjoy it alone"
- Richifl

vampqueen oreos

" My kids and I are just bowled over by Pringles.. They have been my all time favorite and now my kids too love it too much... A regular family snack which is never out of stock in our home ❤❤❤❤❤"
- Pervez


"This product is very tasty and very yummy.its not that kinda food that lets us get bore after eating it for sometime its taste very good and I recommend to all of you"
- Kumarayush123


" I just loved the product!! Its my favourite chocolate wen it comes quality and taste. I like the combination of chocolate and wafer . It brings fantastic crisp in the mouth in each bite"
- Poorna Mayank Mehrotra

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