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A Review Of The Must-have Customizable Headset — The Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless

A Review by TryandReview.com User Shareurviewz

The fact about traveling is that you can choose your flight, row, or seat, but you can never control who is on that journey with you. Crying babies, snoring, or loud conversations are any traveler’s worst nightmare. In an attempt to drown out the background noise, you plug in the complementary, flimsy earbuds to try and relax with a movie but this is still no match against the noise surrounding you. The experience of traveling alone is already stressful enough, but thankfully, the PXC 550 Wireless by Sennheiser makes traveling easier. Keep reading to learn how Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless is the perfect travel companion and solution to every traveler’s woes.

Sennheiser has been revolutionizing the audio industry for over 70 years with their impeccable technological innovation. The PXC 550 Wireless is a classic example, producing crisp and quality sound at any volume. Many users have enjoyed the variety of features offered by the PXC 550 Wireless and one of them happens to be one of last year’s Try and Review Awards winners — User Shareurviewz.


User Shareurviewz has been a TryandReview.com member for one year. He was 1 of the 20 winners selected in the 2019 Try and Review Awards, recognized for writing thoughtful and honest reviews about all things electronics. He is very passionate about audio electronics in particular, reviewing various headsets and even audio systems. He even goes into the nitty gritty aspects of sound quality to help other audiophiles make informed buying decisions. Here are User Shareurviewz’s sincere reasons to get a pair of PXC 550 Wireless Headsets in your life, too.

  1. Easy customization with the CapTune App

    The PXC 550 Wireless utilizes Captune – a sound tuning app for any smartphone that allows users to design their own sound with ease. You can adjust the sound with the simple slider bars or waveforms till you get your perfect sound. For your convenience, there is also a SoundCheck function to test a set of predefined equalizer settings. Tryandreview.com User Shareurviewz mentions in his review, “I just love the customisations available for the sound to make it just like I want to”. You can even create customizations for different sound profiles so you can adjust profiles to your mood. The app interface is sleek yet user-friendly so you are in control of your listening experience.

  2. Convenient touch sensitive controls

    The PXC 550 Wireless has a touch panel control system conveniently built into the side of the earcups. Its easy access gives you natural control so you can be on the go with little fuss. You can toy with the music volume and even skip a song to take a phone call – all with a quick swipe of your finger. Tryandreview.com User Shareurviewz enjoys this feature immensely and cited the controls to be very responsive much like the touchpad of a laptop.

  3. Smart Features

    With Sennheiser’s long history of technological advances, it comes as no surprise that the PXC 550 Wireless has an array of smart features. Tryandreview.com User Shareurviewz particularly loved the fold control feature. The headset can preemptively sense your intentions as you unfold it and will power on automatically because it knows you’re about to use it. It also pauses your music automatically when you remove the headset and powers down when you fold the headset. The PXC 550 Wireless also has a built-in limiter to avoid sudden increases in audio levels to protect your precious ears from damage.

  4. Portable and Comfortable

    Sennheiser’s PXC 550 Wireless is not only light weight (227g), but comfortable to use for a continuous period of time according to Tryandreview.com User Shareurviewz. After using the headset for 4 hours, he noted no stress in his head or jaw line. He calls the PXC 550 Wireless his “constant companion” and raves about its lightweight design making you forget you’re wearing it in the first place. Sennheiser designed their headset after testing hundreds of ears to ensure the best fit for maximum comfort.


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<strong>User Shareurviewz’s Review</strong><br><br> So I've used this s for a couple of weeks now and I wonder how I was managing without this now! I just love this pair. Pros: Awesome looks Very lightweight No stress of head or jawline after 4 continuous hours of use Awesome touch panel controls, very responsive, just like a laptops touchpad Love the feature that I never have to actually switch it on or off... It manages perfectly with the twist of cups I just love the customisations available for the sound to make it just like I want to Cons The first time I listened to these, out of the box, I was in a shock that I paid so much for this? When u hear it with default settings, it sounds 'horrible' . It's flat earphone sound with nothing enabled. But then, the app came to rescue as I learnt to use it and tweaked the sounds just to make them perfect for me. I took 2 days to learn and adjust everything to my taste and it too took a little time to get me I guess... After 2 days... It got me! It's a constant companion now, and I don't even feel it's there. I'd say it may not be perfect for audiophiles, but somehow, when I comore these to Bose QC 35, which I heard at a Bose showroom, they were not for me... I found Bose sound dull and low, low on energy. These sound bright and crisp to me. It's a personal choice of course, am sure Bose are not bad either, but definitely my ears prefer a different sound or note I guess . I also had Sony in mind but then I read quite a few reviews of them cracking very soon and I was afraid to purchase such an expensive thing that will not last. And hence I landed upon these and love themA Review Of The Must-have Customizable Headset — The Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless