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Oral Hygiene: what you should know when wearing a mask

Total oral hygiene is more important than ever as we enter the new normal in our lives with masks. Taking all-around care of your oral health and staying fresh 24/7 should be a priority now and that includes your teeth as well.

With the added stress of staying safe in these trying times, the last thing you want to worry about is having bad teeth or breath as soon as your mask is off. There is no denying that wearing masks right now can save lives, but at the same time, do you know that they can deteriorate your oral health? That is why, as you stock up on hand sanitizers and disinfectants, we also encourage you to switch to toothpastes that can level up your all-around total oral hygiene at home.

How Do Masks Affect Your Oral Hygiene?

Since most of us aren’t used to wearing masks, we may tend to breathe through our mouths more than usual. This makes our mouth dry and makes our breath smell more. Saliva is also needed to protect our mouths and lack of it can make our teeth more prone to cavities.

Our Biggest Tip: Switch To Toothpastes That Can Give You TOTAL Oral Hygiene at home

Let’s be real, not all of us have the time to take extra care of our teeth by brushing after every meal or spending an extra 3 minutes after brushing to use a mouth wash. What you need is a toothpaste that can do all the job for you at one go.

We’ve recently discovered the New Closeup All-Around Fresh that promises an all-around, holistic oral care. That means it cleans not just your teeth but also gums, cheeks, tongue and gives you fresh breath that can actually last all day. It also comes in two flavours – cool mint and soothing menthol. We put it to test by giving 250 testers the opportunity to try it and here are 3 main benefits they’ve endorsed.

What Makes New Closeup All-Around Fresh Especially Relevant In This Period?

1) Includes 3 main ingredients to boost the quality of cleansing

This toothpaste contains the ingredient, fluoride, which is usually reserved for special dental products. Fluoride is key in protecting your teeth from cavities. Apart from that this toothpaste also has deep-cleaning silica to remove plaque buildups and expertly made zinc-packed mouthwash to protect the mouth from bacteria that works as an antibacterial.

Member Quenny Oral CareOur members mentioned that they could feel their teeth being cleansed more thoroughly using this toothpaste. Member @quenny says that the toothpaste “makes mouth freshest the natural way. Maybe because of its antibacterial feature. After brushing my teeth I feel something around my gumsI can’t explain the feeling but it makes my gums feel firm and look healthier.I try to touch the micro crystals – they are a little bit hard and not easy to dissolve which perhaps helps it to go through between the teeth for deep cleaning.”


2) Specially formulated to make your breath smell extra fresh ALL DAY LONG

member rej24 oral hygiene “Fresh breath is a sure sign of overall health” – Dentist Miguel P. Librojo of Librojo Dental.

Hands up if you have started noticing your breath more after wearing masks? I have and it ain’t pretty.

Lasting fresh breath is the ultimate sign of a healthy mouth and that is why the New Closeup All-Around Fresh does not compromise on giving you a healthy breath that keeps you feeling fresh and most importantly, confident.

Member, @Rej24, is all about feeling minty and fresh in her mouth and says New Closeup All-Around Fresh is really good. It’s like there’s a powerful mint bomb inside it and leaves me with a clean fresh feeling which lasts for hours. It feels like an arctic blast. I don’t use mouthwash and with this toothpaste I don’t think I need to.”

3) Gentle enough despite its strong formulation for sensitive gums and teeth

The best part about this toothpaste is that you don’t have to worry about your sensitive teeth feeling funny or your mouth burning due to the strong formulation. Members claim that it still feels gentle in their mouths which they really appreciate.

member rez.elaine close up oral careOne of our members, @rez.elaine, is actually a dentistry student who was surprised that the menthol in it did not irritate her. She says, “As a Dentistry Student, I would definitely recommend it ❤️ It does not irritate my gums because too much concentration of menthols in toothpaste tends to do that. But in CloseUp Soothing menthol it doesn’t have that effect. Even my mom recommends it as a dental practitioner.”

An all-around toothpaste that takes care of every part of your mouth (teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks) is all you need to keep your teeth healthy and fresh all day long and not have you worry about toothache, sore gums or bad breath.

Additional Tips To Maximize Your Freshness And Total Oral Hygiene

Drink lots of water! You probably hear this a lot when it comes to maintaining good skin but water is even more important for oral hygiene to allow your mouth to keep producing saliva and maintaining the fresh breath from your toothpaste.

If you do have some time and aren’t in a rush, floss your teeth before brushing to ensure no food particle is stuck in your mouth.

COVID period has been a difficult time but a good thing that has come out of it is that most of us now realize the importance of taking care of ourselves holistically. From mental health to physical health – we now make time for self-care. Be it carrying hand sanitizers with us or switching to products that are antibacterial. All around oral hygiene that gives you an all-around, complete mouth care and protection should be part of your self-care regime as well especially now that you are so aware of it because of masks. A healthy and good smelling mouth will keep you feeling fresh and happy all day long.

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