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5 Instagram Apps To Boost Content And Engagement


With animation, filters, and stickers – Today’s Instagram stories/posts look better than ever! The latest apps for Instagram stories are being popped up every day. This means that stories and posts are getting better in terms of creativity, interaction, and engagement!

If you are an Instagram buff, you must have realized by now how competitive and overwhelming it can get with so many apps and features available.

In this article, we will be sharing 5 apps that will help you create high-quality content and cohesive stories that will make your audience come back for more.

Stepping Outside of Classic Instagram Filters – VSCO CAM

Price: Free, with a few paid features

Download: iOS or Android

VSCO has been a popular app for editing photos for quite some time. It is easy to use and we get numerous options for editing images. It allows the users to calibrate exposure, saturation, contrast, along with the usual tools for cropping, tinting and controlling the temperature of the photo.

The exposure tool of VSCO is especially nice because it helps to mend dark, and shadowy images to become illuminated, and look natural. However, its strength is its plethora of filters which are catered for every kind of setting, background, and lighting. Image editing becomes fun and experimental with so many options to choose from.

Create Minimalist Templates – UNFOLD

Unfold App

Price: Free, with a few paid features

Download: iOS or Android

Instagram story template is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your story content. If you like to constantly post on your stories, it is best to create templates that can align with your brand. This will make your content more cohesive.

Unfold App serves as your portable Adobe Photoshop. You can create any image templates on your mobile using this app.

Unfold has exploded onto the scene this year with its clean library of modern templates. This makes it one of the most popular template creation apps for Instagram Stories!

Schedule Your Instagram Content – Later

Price: Free, with a few paid features

Download: iOS or Android

Sharing content with consistency is key so that your followers know that you are active. Later allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time. The advantage of doing this is that you can plan your content beforehand so that everything aligns with your feed. The best part is that you can schedule up to 30 posts per month and they will be posted to your account automatically.

Websta – Your Realtime Analytics Dashboard

Websta App

Price: Free, with a few paid features

Download: iOS or Android

Websta is a free tool for monitoring your Instagram Account. It facilitates with easy-to-understand analytics for better content user engagement and audience growth.

Websta has a feature of aggregating every hashtag on Instagram. This handy feature will let you surf through all of Instagram to track the best performing hashtags for your target audience. This app also helps to reach out to new users by checking for hashtags that are already being used by existing users.

Create Dynamic Animated Short Videos using Mojo

Mojo App

Price: Free, with a few paid features

Download: iOS or Android

Having animation in Instagram Stories is a fun way to create catchy content. Animations such as GIFs are in the latest trend right now! Mojo application has everything you need to create your own. This app is packed with hundreds of animated stickers and templates for whatever niche of content you are posting. Mojos’ templates are customizable too. This makes editing such as cropping, trimming, adding animation, titles, changing speeds, etc…very easy.

There is no one specific set of rules that you can follow to keep your engagements up as Instagram is always changing its algorithm. So our advice to you will always be to keep your Instagram feed fresh and unique to you. Explore its new features, such as Instagram stories, to learn how you can make the most out of it. Also, always have quality pictures ready to go. Most importantly, have fun with it and remember not to take the numbers too seriously.


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