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The More You Try and Review, The More Everyone Wins

We ask 2019 Try and Review Awards winner Rara_97 on why reviews are important to her.

Have you ever been bombarded by choices, and caught in a whirlwind of emotions not knowing what to do? Like, which sunscreen products should I use for my skin? What product works best to clean my kitchen? Is this electronic gadget worth my hard-earned cash?

The next thing you know, you find yourself reading through tons of random consumer reviews and ratings. Indeed, in this digital world filled with many choices, reviews offer a simple and relevant guidance for the everyday consumers.

We ask TryandReview.com User Rara_97 (real name: Reika), 1 of the 20 winners selected in the 2019 Try and Review Awards on what she thinks about writing honest reviews and the reasons behind why reviews are important to her.

  1. People read reviews to guide them in their decision making process

    Reika: “I think that reviews are important because deciding what is the best product that will meet your needs or your standards is not simple and is actually very complicated. Reviews are one of the major influences on how consumers think and decide on what to buy or to avoid. So honest reviews can help lessen the heavy weight of comparing and finding the best product that will meet one’s standards.”

  2. People indicate what’s the best and the worst that could happen

    Reika: “I make a lot of bad decisions as it’s always a trial and error process. I always spend 2 or more hours shopping just because I keep comparing stuff. I know I’m not the only one who does that so when I find something good or bad, I want to be able to share my thoughts with other consumers who are just like me.”

  3. People support the brands they like, giving brands more credibility

    Reika: “Reviews can help brands to improve their product’s quality or to make something even better. They can learn what to keep; what is needed; what to abandon through reviews, creating happier consumers and happier business.”

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Her advice to writing quality reviews? “For me, I’d like to think that a real curious person is going to read it, and so, I answer some questions that I think a curious person will ask. It’s also good to not only focus on the bad side of a product, but also think of both pros and cons.”

Absolutely true! That’s why the Try And Review community is built to empower people to seek out authentic reviews, share honest feedback and discover new products. If you are new to writing reviews, check out how you can write helpful reviews with these tips and tricks!

As this title reads, the more you try and review, the more everyone wins. Right now, the more reviews you contribute to the community, the higher chances you get in being selected as one of the 3 winners of 2020 Try and Review Awards! Out of 8 exciting categories, choose one that you are passionate about and write reviews of products you have tried! For all you know, you could be the final winner!

Happy Reviewing!


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