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Korean Spicy Noodles: Can’t handle the heat? Try Milk Ramen Instead!

Korean spicy noodles are all the hype, especially since the movie Parasite blew up. But today, it’s not about Ram-Don, but milk ramen! They say using milk as your base for korean spicy noodles but does it really work? And most importantly, does it taste any good? We try it out!

Dairy is traditionally known to help with spice, and hence many who enjoy korean ramen noodles love adding in a slice of cheese to cut the spice. But have you heard of replacing the soup base in your korean spicy noodles from water to milk? Well, that is all the hype now and we need to see if it is really as good as everyone says it is? Read on to find out what we think about this food hack!

What you need for this korean milk noodles recipe

korean noodles ingredients

All you need are two main ingredients, a pack of Korean spicy noodles, doesn’t matter what brand or what flavour, as long as it has some sort of spice in it, and milk. And if you like eggs or vegetables with your noodles, feel free to add them in too!

How to make milk ramen?

  1. Cook noodles till it’s 90% done, and strain
    1. If you want to add any other ingredients, cook them beforehand too
  2. To a pot, add 350-400ml of milk, the soup base and dehydrated vegetables and your noodles
  3. When your milk simmers, turn off the heat and you’re done!

Hot tip! Only let your milk simmer and not boil, or it might change the consistency of your noodles.

Making milk ramen for myself

Honestly, while I suggested to try this out myself, I was apprehensive about it. The hack sounds promising for sure, but I couldn’t be sure how it’ll taste. Hence, the whole time I was cooking the noodles, there was only one thought in my head.


But of course, for you, I pushed on and finished making the korean noodles, plated it and took some cute pictures. Still apprehensive, I ate all the ingredients before even trying the noodles, but when I did…

(finished product-food hack)
Finished milk ramen

I WAS SHOCKED! The milk ramen tasted amazing though it doesn’t look too appetising. This food hack not only helped to cut spice from the korean spicy noodles, but also made the soup much creamier. I went from “ABORT MISSION” to planning when I’d make it next. While I am trying to watch my diet and eat healthier meals, it’s never wrong to treat yourself sometimes. And I can always just work off the calories after eating the korean noodles!

Did this food hack work to cut spice from korean spicy noodles?

Yes! It definitely does as the casein protein in milk and all dairy products binds with capsaicin, which is what causes your tongue to burn from spice, and wash it away. Hence, if you love the taste of korean instant noodles but are unable to handle spice, this food hack is definitely worth a try!

You should definitely try this out for yourself and let us know what you think about this korean noodles food hack in the reply box below! But if you’d like to try healthier options, here’s a vegan recipe with lentils and mushroom that is just as rich in flavour to try out.

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