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Suffering from period leaks? Here’s the longest protection from Japan for you!

Life is busy! We already have to juggle school, hobbies, and friends, and so the last thing we want to worry about is menstruation. People should remember us for our sparkle, not for our stains! We have all experienced the crushing embarrassment that comes from having to deal with period leakage. Is your current sanitary pad letting you down?

Try and Review has been searching for a solution and discovered a brand new product from SOFY, Japan’s No.1 Sanitary Pad Brand. SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long is a newly-launched sanitary day pad that comes in the longest length of 26cm, adapted from innovative Japanese technology to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. Do they offer the reassurance you need that you won’t have any more accidents and deal with period leakage with ease? We asked 500 girls from the age of 13 to 25 to put them to the test!

No leakage issues for these active girls!

@Lynn2606 doesn’t let anything stop her active lifestyle! She told us the pads are, “Comfortable with no itchiness as well as no leakage. I also watch out for tears on the pad if it’s soaked too much or for too long. Great enough this pad doesn’t give you such a problem and I am even able to wear it for day and night without worries of any leakage!”


Following the Try and Review tests, the pads were TOP RATED by 3 out of 4 girls for leakage protection! The new SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long are 26cm in length which makes them the longest day maxi pads in Malaysia. This means that even when you move about as much as @Lynn2606 does, there won’t be any gaps in your protection. @Zulaikhanjwa really enjoys exploring the outdoors in her spare time and she also reported no worry about the leakage, skin feels fresh and less sticky, even during heavy flow when you are going to travel, hiking or something else!”


Our dancing-diva tester @sweety_maybe needs her pads to stay put in order to feel great when she performs! She says “I have tried this product and I really love it because it is maxi long and also fast absorbing!” And “feel sooo comfortable during menstruations even when I am dancing. Thank you Sofy for making this kind of product that is really superb!” No wonder that 98% of testers agree that SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long has quicker absorption & lasting comfort to deal with period leakage!

@Sweety_maybe @kwxydI_period_leakage
Left: @Sweety_maybe Right: @kwxydI

Daytime and overnight protection!

Even if it’s a day pad, some of our testers loved using SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long on nights when they are not experiencing heavy flows! Our tester @kwxydI certainly had better nights of sleep during the trial! “I like the softness of the pad. I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to check whether there are any leakage problems.” That’s great for all of us sleepyheads! For a secure, overnight protection on heavy-flow nights, you might try out Sofy Body Fit® Comfort Nite which are 42cm in length!

96% of Try and Review testers agreed that SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long provides long hours of dryness and protection. @Azreen.sofia trialled the day pads for us and she was impressed by how well they absorbed. She reported, “This pad has quick absorption technology which absorbs fast and also it does absorb a lot. It does not leak easily and has a very thin form. It is not itchy and is very long for day use. Very suitable for any day activities.”


Why SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long are leading the way!

By utilizing the latest Japanese innovative technology, SOFY designed these new Body Fit® Day pads to have Quick Absorb Pores which means the surface is twice as dry as a normal pad. The thickness is comfortable to wear and won’t leave you feeling like you are waddling around wearing a baby’s napkin! As the pads have a double anti-leak press line this will prevent your flow from reaching the edges and leaking out onto your clothes. “My daughter likes SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long because the size does cover the zone, preventing the skin from itchy and unpleasant smells. It’s easy to wash and clean too.” says @farizafaris.

@Farizafaris’s daughter

You can buy SOFY Body Fit® Day Maxi Long and SOFY Body Fit® Comfort Nite online from Lazada, Hermo and Shopee. Now that the shopping is out of the way, let’s get back to having some fun! Shine on!