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Fitness Trackers: Our Community Helps You Decide Which Ones To Get

Fitness trackers have been gaining popularity over the past few years. It’s a simple and convenient way to track your exercise and progress, not to mention fashionable for some brands. What’s there not to like? But if you don’t know which are the best fitness trackers to purchase, here’s our community’s top 3 to help you out!

Tracking down your fitness progress is not only important to seeing what you’ve accomplished, but also to get a visual recognition of your hard work! The satisfaction from seeing how long you’ve worked out or calories burned from your intense work-out can be a huge motivator when exercising. Hence why we love a fitness tracker for that, with how convenient and portable it is! Especially when you’re just jogging at a park or doing at-home workouts that doesn’t give you a visual of your progress, the fitness tracker is perfect for helping you track progress and motivate you to continue!

Here are our community’s best fitness trackers!

apple watch
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Applications to make the most of your fitness tracker!

If you want to make the most of your fitness trackers, link it up to fitness applications that can help you keep a log of your fitness goals and progress! Sports brands like Adidas and Nike both own applications for your fitness, which you can link your fitness trackers to track your progress.

A basic application you can use to just keep track of your progress is FitNotes, which helps you easily record your fitness progress for the day, be it cardio or strength training. If you use MyFitnessPal for dieting and calorie counting, link up your fitness trackers for a more accurate count of your exercise and calories burnt! This way, you might just be able to squeeze in more of your favourite snacks than you thought you could!

And one of our favourites is Zombie, Run! If seeing your progress as you exercise is not motivation enough, this application is sure to help you stay motivated to keep running! The application has missions for you to complete in your run, but the main feature is the immersive audio that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by zombies. And the only thing you can do? Run! You can use your fitness trackers to either track your exercise on this application, or even use it as a guide of your missions!

And that’s all we have for our community’s best fitness trackers to help you in your purchase decision! Did any of these trackers end up in your cart? Let us know below, and if you’ve tried any of these fitness trackers before, leave your reviews on them on Try and Review now!

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