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Combination Skin Tackled: Mattify And Hydrate Your Skin With Olay


Combination skin is a difficult skin type to deal with because you have both oily and dry skin to worry about. Even trickier is finding the right moisturizer. Olay’s moisturizer might just make your life a lot easier when choosing a combination skincare product for yourself.

We all know that no matter what your skin type is, a moisturizer is a must in your night-time or day-time routine. Olay’s Whips UV Regenerist is a combination skin moisturizer that helps you tackle both the oily and dry areas of your face by hydrating and mattifying at the same time. Here is why we think this moisturizer looks promising and you need to pick this up.

Made With Key Ingredients To Tackle Combination Skin Issues

Combination skin is when some parts of your face are dry and some are oily. Olay Whips UV Regenerist moisturizer has 2 key ingredients to solve both these skin issues:

1. Vitamin B3 to tackle dry areas:

Dry skin happens when the skin is not well exfoliated and the old and dry skin still remains on the surface. Vitamin B3 helps with gently exfoliating your dull skin away and hydrate your skin to allow the surface skin cells to regenerate and remain fresh and soft.

2. Hyaluronic Acid to tackle oily areas:

Oily skin is actually a result of dehydrated skin that is trying to overcompensate for the dryness by producing more oils. Hyaluronic acid will help to hydrate by regulating the water content in your skin and thus reducing the oil production over time. This will also clear up your clogged pores that could be contributing to acne issues if you have any.

Apart from these 2 main ingredients, it also contains amino peptides to make your skin smooth and firm to tackle anti-aging. There is also niacinamide to brighten dull skin and uneven pigmentation. Let’s not forget, it comes with added UV protection which is a must in any skincare product especially living in Asia.

Is This Combination Skin Moisturizer Worth A Try?

Based on the ingredients, we are sure this moisturizer provides a holistic approach to skincare and even people with other skin types can benefit from it. The cream to liquid formula helps to easily melt in the skin and not leave a thick oily film. Picking the right moisturizer can be difficult and time-consuming, but the Olay Moisturizer can be an easy pick if you want something safe and effective without spending too much time researching

Let us know if you pick up this combination skin moisturizer or have already tried it by leaving your ratings and reviews here.

PS: Remember that healthy skin starts from within, so along with an effective skincare product, try to eat healthy as well and cut down on junk food.
Read some easy recipes that you can make if you need some ideas.

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