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Check Out What Our Sweet Tooth Indian Members Are Saying About Their Favourite Chocolate


Chocolates and candies are hard to resist. It’s a known fact that they trigger our happy hormones so most of us crave for a delicious sweet chocolate indulgence from time to time.

Check out these top 5 chocolates and candies on our list that you guys seem to be loving!

1. Kitkat

The good old classic Kitkat is a big hit amongst our Indian members, a childhood favourite indeed!


a. User: @gaurjagoel

Tasty and crunchy!
” This is an evergreen product. Kitkat is mouthwatering. It is crisp and crunchy. Loving it.”

b. User: @Makeupmistress09

Most loved brand
” This brand has been into my consideration since my childhood. The chocolate Kit Kat is my most favourite one from this Swiss Brand called Nestlé. All the dairy products from this brand are just fabulous and also affordable too. I just love them.♥️”

2. Sour Apple Gummy

For the risk-takers, the sour kick from this Apple Gummy also seems to be a favourite! Sour gummy


a. User: @Vishalchauhan

Refreshing Chewy Candies
” Chewy fruit candies with a refreshing sour and sweet taste contains Vitamin C, individually wrapped ”

b. User: @Abhijeet Anand

Can’t stop eating.????
” It was just fabulous in taste. I couldn’t have controlled my self to resist eating it…very happy with the service and the quality of the product…more than happy…????????”

3. Kinder Bueno

The delicious crispy, hazelnut milk chocolate will melt in your mouth, making you reach for it again.

Kinder Bueno

a. User: @Jenmin Ray

You will love it????
” My sister gifted me this chocolate a few days before. I am always a great fan of chocolate with different layers and texture. I love this chocolate, it has different layers of chocolate, wafer and the milky flavour. The creamy centre is really good. I enjoyed every layer. Everything together is a great treat for your taste buds. I recommend everyone should try at least once. You will definitely love it.”

b. User: @MamtaA2Z

Kinder Bueno
” It is good and somewhat good in taste also. Its milky shade is too good.”

4. MnM
Be it, children or adults, the colourful peanut chocolate candies of MnM is a classic that is simply irresistible.


a. User: @Anuj5291

I love it
” Fill your candy bowl with peanutty crunch, milk chocolate flavour and colourful candy. M&M’s Milk Chocolate Peanut candies feature peanuts surrounded by smooth chocolate dressed in M&M’s colourful candy shell. The fun-sized packs are individually wrapped and perfect for sharing, parties and gift baskets. Always fun, M&M’s also made a great addition to baked goods and homemade trail mix.”

b. User: @Rajveer

” It’s my favourite gems in like it’s nut flavour these are so light ”

5. Snakes
These fruity, sweet and chewy snake-shaped jellies are free from artificial colours or flavours, making it a great snack option even for the health-conscious ones!

Snakes gummy

a. User: @Saurav

Yummy taste
” The product is awesome…with fantastic flavours…”

b. User: @Kamy

” It’s very natural as the name suggests, there is no artificials added.”



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