3 Eyeshadow Looks For Business & The Workplace

3 Eyeshadow looks for the business and workplace

Your professional image should not be neglected. Dressing for success is much more than wearing a sophisticated outfit. A complete look also involves an eyeshadow look for business to send the right message that you ready to take on the day. However, as a busy modern-day woman, time spent in front of a mirror to slowly apply makeup is infeasible and time-consuming. So how do you accomplish a professional, but effortless look? Here are three trendy eyeshadow looks for business that are quick and easy to incorporate into your morning.

Eyeshadow Look For Business #1

Subtle Smokey Eyes

Achieving the perfect smokey eye can be tricky. One mistake can be fatal (or make you accidentally look like a black-eyed panda). But there is a more subtle approach to this dramatic look for the daytime. It’s important to remember that the term “smokey eye” does not refer to the black shade of colour. You can create a smokey eye look selecting your own shade, whether it is a taupe colour, a deep plum, or even a combination of a dark blue and brown.

Our simple method:

  1. Pick an eyeshadow palette with neutrals and mattes such as the Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette. Eyeshadow palettes such as that work great because each shade included in the palette complement each other.
  2. Using a domed crease brush like Elf’s Contour Brush, apply a deep dark shadow (at least two shades darker than your skin colour) along the eye socket line starting from outer corner to inner corner, using windshield wiper motions.
  3. Deepen the outer corners with a blending brush like Elf’s Blending Brush. For this, use a darker shade (two shades darker than the first colour) and apply to the outer corners of your eyes. Blend well.
  4. Lastly, complete your look by applying the same shade in the corners of your lower eyelids. A flat brush like the NYX Pro Flat Detail Brush will work just fine.

PRO TIP: If you are planning to wear your smokey eyeshadow look out for the evening, apply primer to get long-lasting staying power. You can also build more colour on top for a bolder evening look.

Eyeshadow Look For Business #2

Simple Cat Eyes

The cat-eye is never out of style and although it may look complicated, we make it easy to execute with our 3-step method. The key is to keep your eyes relaxed and to apply fast.

Our simple method:

  1. Find the right angle by taking your business card, aligning the edge with the bottom of the corner of your eye to the outer edge of your eyebrow.
  2. Using a gel liner like the Kat Von D Tatoo Liner, draw a small line along the edge of your business card.
  3. Finish off your cat eye by lining the rest of your upper lash line to your inner corner.

PRO TIP: With a soft eyeliner like Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil, fill in the top inner waterline to give your eyes that extra pop.

Eyeshadow Look For Business #3

Shimmer & Pop Eyes

If you have medium to dark skin, try a shimmering, matte bronzed eyeshadow. This technique works wonders by brightening your eyes without being too sparkly.

Our simple method:

  1. Choose an eyeshadow palette with shimmering, matte bronzed shades such as the Nars Long Hot Summer Eyeshadow Palette.
  2. Using a domed brush, apply the eyeshadow along the eye socket line starting from outer corner to inner corner, using windshield wiper motions.
  3. Apply the same shade in the corners of your lower eyelids.
  4. For a little extra oomph, roll on your favorite mascara.

Once you’ve mastered a technique, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete any these sophisticated eyeshadow looks for business. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these makeup techniques. You can experiment with different shades to find out what works for your skin and eye colour.

So now you’ve learned our three eyeshadow looks for business! Perhaps you’ve developed a technique we didn’t include in this article. Comment below and tell us about it!